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20555 SE Frontage Rd,

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Best-In-Class Towing Services

American Bulldog Towing & Recovery offers a wide variety of automobile vehicle emergency services to customer throughout Grundy, Will, and Livingston Counties and the surrounding areas including I-55, US Route 66, and the Red Carpet Corridor. 

Light-Duty Towing

American Bulldog Towing has a fleet of equipment including light duty wreckers ready to tow your daily driver when it breaks down.

Medium-Duty Towing

Medium-duty and Heavy -duty vehicles such as trucks can’t be towed with just any tow truck. Luckily here at American Bulldog Towing and Recovery we can comfortably handle heavier loads. This includes box trucks, semi tractor trailers, bob tails, lowboys, hi-rail trucks and more which can be handled by our fleet of vehicles.

Flatbed Towing

Licensed by the Illinois Commerce Commission and Insured by a top rated insurance carrier, ask to see our insurance to verify it, we routinely tow cars, pickups, SUVs, motorcycles, forklifts, and construction equipment.

Luxury Vehicle Towing

No one wants a hi end car or classic car “Chained Down” when other options are available! American Bulldog Towing has industry leading securement methods that don’t involve chains to secure your vehicle. We can even winch your vehicle without using chains or metal hooks. We don’t expect you to understand what soft straps, endless loops, or 8 point tie downs are, but we are fully trained on how to use that equipment to tow your vehicle damage free.

Roadside Assistance

From the standard roadside service you normally think of to our commercial heavy-duty services we have a lot to offer you. We can provide assistance for almost any vehicle from minor repair, lighting issues, tire services, and can even provide side of the road diagnostics.

Lockout Service

Call it what you wish, a Slim Jim, Pop-A-Lock, or a Lockout Service we have staff on-hand to take calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When you lock your keys in the car you won’t be greeted with frustration and a voice mail when you call our office. You will have the opportunity to speak with a real person that can send you one of our trained towing operators or roadside technicians as quickly as possible.

Tire Changes

Traveling down Illinois roadways can be troublesome, one second everything is fine, the next a bump in the road blows out your tire. If you have a spare tire we can do a tire change. If you don’t have a spare we carry a limited selection of brand new spare tires in the stock, or we work with local repair shops that can sell you a used tire to get you back on the road. Worst case scenario we can sell you a new tire or tow you to a tire shop.


Have you ever jumped in the car, turned the key, and only heard the click noise? Give us a call and we will send a skilled technician out to give your battery the boost you need to be back on the road.

Battery Replacements

If your car won’t take a jump start, don’t pay twice for a tow to the shop and the shop to replace your battery. Trust out technicians here at American Bulldog Towing to replace your battery on site.

Fuel Delivery (Gas & Diesel)

It happens, your driving along and the vehicle motor stops and you look down and see a fuel gauge on E. Count on American Bulldog Towing to bring you the Gas or Diesel Fuel your vehicle needs to get back in motioned and headed to the gas station to finish fueling up.

Fluid Delivery

A lot a people call us and tell us they are getting the vehicle towed because the transmission is low on fluid or they are low on oil and cant find any at the gas station, we even once had a guy need his box truck towed after a DOT roadside inspection putting him out of service for low washer fluid. American Bulldog Towing is set up to bring you vehicle fluids upon request including oil, Brake Fluid, Washer Fluid, Transmission Fluid, Anti-Freeze, Power Steering Fluid, and even Air Brake Conditioner. Give us a call and explain your situation, maybe a fluid delivery can save you the cost of a tow.


Vehicles slide in the snow or even rain, people pull over to pick up a dropped toy for a kid and your vehicle gets stuck. Sometimes its only stuck a little sometimes it’s stuck a lot. Count on American Bulldog Towing and Recovery to winch you out when you need it.

Load Shifts

Truck not scaling right? Give us a call we have wreckers and forklifts available to move your load. We can even remove and store part of your load if needed.

DPF Regeneration

Our roadside technicians can perform parked regens and forced regens when that dreaded light pops on and the truck goes into limp mode.

Accident Recovery

Vehicles involved in accidents most likely need tow trucks, the problem is sometimes you don’t know where to tow it to. American Bulldog Towing is set up to tow your crashed car back to our facility where it can stay until you select where to tow it out to or the insurance adjuster comes out to look at the damages.

Off-Road Recovery

Is your vehicle somewhere a tow truck can’t get to? We have specialized equipment including skid steers and tractors to go off road and bring you back to the road. 

Scuba Dive Recovery

American Bulldog Towing has towing operators that are dual certified as PADI Rescue Divers also. So if your vehicle goes for a swim and sinks call American Bulldog Towing and we can dive down and rig up your vehicle so the on land recovery team can winch it back to land.

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