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The team of experts at American Bulldog Drop & Recovery has decades of combined experience in the automotive emergency service industry. We understand the reputation of dishonesty that surrounds the towing industry, which is why our customers can always expect fair, honest service from us. When you call us, you will always receive a realistic ETA and cost estimate. No BS excuses why we are late just the honest truth.

We have extensive experience in heavy towing and emergency recovery with an outstanding safety record. We continue to invest in our fleet of equipment, trailers and all of our equipment each year adding capacity to keep up with customer demand. We have also expanded our fleet with specialized equipment:


Tow Cert TRSCP Certified


Traffic Incident Management Certified


Valid ICC Safety Relocator Registration

ICC Public Carrier Certificate


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Highly Trained & Certified

Our experts aren’t just highly trained to get the job done right– they’re also good, kind people who want to instill the comfort and peace of mind you deserve when things go wrong on the road. Call American Bulldog Drop & Recovery today for the service you deserve.

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